How To Create Backlinks for Your Website/ Blog

How To Create Backlinks for Your Website/ Blog: First of all thanks for visiting. Today I’m going to tell you the my personal method to create backlinks for your website or blog. Now days creating backlinks for your site is very important to increase the ranking.

Let me tell you very frankly, It’s very easy to create backlinks for your site but creating backlinks in a very proper manner is a tough job. Below I’m going to tell you my personal methods to create backlinks for your site and trust me these methods works really well.

What are Backlinks?                         Let me explain to you in very simple words, any link that move you to one url to the other termed as backlink.

Further Backlinks are divided into two sub category include Dofollow Backlinks and Nofollow Backlinks. If you don’t know what are backlinks then Watch this video.

Below I’m going to share with you my both free and paid method to create backlinks for your site. So first let’s get into the free method.

Free Method to create Backlinks

If you don’t have money to buy backlinks then you don’t need to worry at all, you can still create your own backlinks. There are many ways in which you can create free links but personally speakings all method won’t work you. The best method to create free backlinks is through dofollow comments, web 2.0 directory submission and guest post. I’m personally using these three methods and all works like a charm for me.

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Get 5k friends instantly. Free & Most easy way..

Hello all, on Facebook upto 900M traffic comes a day. And if you have 5k Friends so you are the powerfull one, it’s Facebook follower lauangage. So the most easy way to get 5k Friends instantly is to invite 5k friend by email. And i am going to show you have to generate 5k Facebook users email and how to invite them.

1) Go to website Mass-email-add.    you simply​ go by clicking Here 

2)Then, select how much email list you want, select gender , and of which country you want to want friend .             You simply select 5k email list, and try to make your friends from UK,USA or UAE because they all are active and more  educated Friends…

3)Now simply solve captha and click on generate.                                                               Afters email generated copy it.                                                           

4)Now go to Facebook homepage and in the link type /invite.php.

Paste your email address list and click on invite.  After 3-5 days you will get 5k friend request…                                                                   

 Note : dont invite to much time or Facebook will block you permanently​.