Get 5k friends instantly. Free & Most easy way..

Hello all, on Facebook upto 900M traffic comes a day. And if you have 5k Friends so you are the powerfull one, it’s Facebook follower lauangage. So the most easy way to get 5k Friends instantly is to invite 5k friend by email. And i am going to show you have to generate 5k Facebook users email and how to invite them.

1) Go to website Mass-email-add.    you simply​ go by clicking Here 

2)Then, select how much email list you want, select gender , and of which country you want to want friend .             You simply select 5k email list, and try to make your friends from UK,USA or UAE because they all are active and more  educated Friends…

3)Now simply solve captha and click on generate.                                                               Afters email generated copy it.                                                           

4)Now go to Facebook homepage and in the link type /invite.php.

Paste your email address list and click on invite.  After 3-5 days you will get 5k friend request…                                                                   

 Note : dont invite to much time or Facebook will block you permanently​.


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