As per the speculations, Bharti Airtel will win the 5G Contest by launching 5G before Reliance JIO may be by the mid of 2017. As per the hidden sources Airtel is planning to launch 5G in India by the Independence Day i.e. 15 August 2017 and shall name it as Airtel Independence Sim which is the first launch of 5G sim in India thereby pioneering in 5G Technology in India. Also Airtel 5G Launch in India may offer the unlimited STD Local and 5G internet under its welcome offer or precisely to be named as Airtel Independence offer.

5G is fifth generation mobile wireless standard and refers to the newest mobile wireless technology which will be higher technology than the recently launched reliance JIO 4G Technology. Also reason behind airtel’s probable launch of 5G is to reinstall its supremacy over the Indian telecom market which has been deeply affected by the launch of the Reliance JIO 4G and especially the JIO welcome Offer. After the launch of Reliance JIO and its unlimited free offerings many users preferred JIO over any other network and since JIO has exceeded its free offerings from 31 Dec 2016 to 31 March 2017 and TRAI rejection of Airtel Objection shall make the biggest stake holder in India’s telecom users to initiate the probable launch of 5G sim in India.


5G Sim Speed (probable)
Here we are discussing the probable 5g internet speed and call rates and downloading speed of 5g sim. As per the speculations following shall be the features of 5G Sim in India ;
One to 10 Gbps connections to end points in the field

One millisecond end-to-end round trip delay

1000x bandwidth per unit area

10 to 100x number of connected devices

(Perception of) 99.999 percent availability

(Perception of) 100 percent coverage

90 percent reduction in network energy usage

Up to ten year battery life for low power, machine-type devices

4G vs 5G Sim
Amidst of the high speculations of 5G Sim launch in India, the debate is very high for the comparison of 4g sim vs 5g sim. The major difference will the speed of internet with 5G sim will be way to high as compare to existing 4g Sim internet speed. Also the bandwidth will be increased and perception of area coverage of 5g shall be 100% and also we shall see a subsequent reduction in network energy usage. So concluding the discussion the 5g sim shall be good in terms of performance and net speed. Also soon we shall see the launch of JIO 5G Sim, Vodafone 5G Sim, Idea 5G Sim, BSNL 5G Sim

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