Is Free iPhone 7 Giveaway is real.Completely explain.

Many people herd about giveaway they give you free iPhone or any other expensive thing.And what do they do they make competition like subscribing YouTube channel you get 4 pint, following on Instagram. You will get 2 points, like our fan page and you will get 4 point & many more after that you have to wait for some time depend on how much days or weeks, after that times end you get the email that some other 10 pe win 10 iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus but know 1 get that because wining 10 person are not human. They are robot who always get more point then other.And you think that this time I don’t win but you trust them and enter in another competition.
After reading upper part, now you can believe to join. Any giveaway but thing is that why they do this ? They earn money by doing this. Then again How?

How do They earn Money ?

They sponsored/deal with big Facebook page, youtubers,Blogger, Instagram Users, and they ask for some money and in return they they give them follower on Instagram,subscriber on YouTube channel,likes on Facebook page and and they are not unknown, Who those enter in giveaway they do there work and in return they earn lots of money and you will get đź’©.

Here are one site who already cheat upto 3k people but then also they getting lots of member and now they are earning upto $100k ever month. giveaway free iPhone

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