Another master stroke by Reliance Jio!!!

According to a report released by Truecaller Jio is now the second largest telecom company in India with more than 23% of market share. Within few months of its launch, Jio was able to add more than 60 million users in its network.

The report further stated that 42% of all Indians having 4G handsets are using Jio and jio users are the one who makes shortest calls (less than 30 sec) but the average data consumption by jio users is three times more than other telecom operators.

Report by Truecaller

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The report also stated ” From our data, it’s clear that Jio has already shaken up the mobile landscape in India. Mobile internet usage is expected to grow to over 500 million customers by the end of 2017 with a large portion of those picking Jio.”


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