Google to ban Torrents soon

Reportedly, the company is going to ban all the torrent sites very soon. According to a new report by TorrentFreak, Google has been criticised by the Hollywood representatives for promoting piracy. Consequently, many other companies like Bing, are also working on banning torrent sites and subsequently piracy too.

Baroness Buscombe from UK told TorrentFreak that “The search engines involved in this work are very co-operative. They are not just making changes in their algorithms and processes, but are also working bilaterally with creative industry representatives to explore the options for new interventions, and how existing processes might be streamlined.”
According to a new report, a discussion chaired by UK’s Intellectual Property Officer took place recently. Companies like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Hollywood representatives were part of this meeting.

Not much details of the meeting have yet been revealed, but it is expected that the new bill will come in effect from June 1, 2017 only in UK.
As internet is a interconnected world so the changes may visible worldwide.
Last year, Google was also dragged into similar controversy after it was asked to remove links which have violated the copyright act.
In the same time, India also banned Kickass Torrents and search engine Torrentz. Moreover, downloading any illegal content is now seen as a punishable offense which sometimes may end in jail.
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