Good news for YOUTUBER! All YOUTUBER get 1000 subscriber after getting 1st 100 subscriber.and more new updates 

All YOUTUBER get manual 1000 subscriber after they cross her/him 1st 100 subscriber.

And there is many also many new update that YouTube going to do under 3-4 mounth.

1) revenue: YouTube going to increase youtuber revenue because of lots of traffic on internet more ads competition are taking place.

2) thumbnail: now you can make video thumbnail upto 6 Mb.

3) copyright : YouTube going to allow copyright content to share But talking about revenue, So YouTube find which content creator make this video and all ads revenue goes to her/him.

4)Editor : YouTube going to launch image/video editor app with Non-copyright free music and thumbnail accessories.user of this editor will not get copyright strike.

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