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How to send black message on WhatsApp,Prank with your friends.

Want to do prank with your friends on WhatsApp,what to send blank message on WhatsApp to your friends it is very easy.All can do this with there mobile phone.                                                                   Let’s started,

1) download the app ‘EMPTY’                      you can easily download from playstore

2)After downloaded, Open the app.

3) There you will see ‘Send’ button

Simply click on that and select to whom you want to send empty message…

Watch video to know eaisly.


How To Create Backlinks for Your Website/ Blog

How To Create Backlinks for Your Website/ Blog: First of all thanks for visiting. Today I’m going to tell you the my personal method to create backlinks for your website or blog. Now days creating backlinks for your site is very important to increase the ranking.

Let me tell you very frankly, It’s very easy to create backlinks for your site but creating backlinks in a very proper manner is a tough job. Below I’m going to tell you my personal methods to create backlinks for your site and trust me these methods works really well.

What are Backlinks?                         Let me explain to you in very simple words, any link that move you to one url to the other termed as backlink.

Further Backlinks are divided into two sub category include Dofollow Backlinks and Nofollow Backlinks. If you don’t know what are backlinks then Watch this video.

Below I’m going to share with you my both free and paid method to create backlinks for your site. So first let’s get into the free method.

Free Method to create Backlinks

If you don’t have money to buy backlinks then you don’t need to worry at all, you can still create your own backlinks. There are many ways in which you can create free links but personally speakings all method won’t work you. The best method to create free backlinks is through dofollow comments, web 2.0 directory submission and guest post. I’m personally using these three methods and all works like a charm for me.

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Google ‘Android O’ is Here! Better Battery, Notifications & More Features to Know

Google has just released a developer preview of Android O. We still don’t know what the O stands for, but have a good idea of what are the features being pushed via the new operating system. Dave Burke, Google’s VP of Engineering, says it is still early days and there is still plenty of performance and stabilisation work that needs to be done on the OS.

Here is a look at the new Android O features

Google seems to be going for the biggest pain point in smartphones as the one thing it wants to solve first. So Andorid O will come with additional automatic limits on what apps can do in the background, thus saving battery life even more.

The new notification channels feature gives users control over a certain type of notification which they can block or snooze in one go. You will no longer have to manage all the notifications as if they were the same.

Google is making autofill easier by adding platform support for such apps. So once you select which autofill app you want to use, it will be able to fill passwords and other details for you across the OS making life much easier.

There will be picture-in-picture support for apps across the OS, so you will be able to minimize the video if you have to do something else. Developers can even specify the aspect ration and set custom interactions on the reduced window.

For those who love wireless audio, Android O will bring in high-quality Bluetooth audio codecs such as LDAC codec. Plus there is AAudio, a new native API for apps which need high-performance, low-latency audio.

The Android O Developer Preview includes an updated SDK which can be tested on the Android Emulator as well as on Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player, Pixel, Pixel XL and Pixel C devices. There’s also an emulator on testing Android Wear 2.0 on Android O.

How to Earn Money through Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the various ways to make money online by promoting products or websites to earn a certain percentage as commission from sales made. The sales are made via web traffic. This simply implies that money is made from sales of the product being promoted. What you need to know is that services or products you promote are provided by others and not necessarily you. The only duty you are required to perform is to provide a marketing or sales outlet.

Affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick-scheme, so you should not expect instant millions; this does not mean that people have not succeeded in making money from affiliate marketing. If you want to earn from affiliate marketing, you need to understand how it works and whether it is truly for you.
What is Affiliate Marketing?
Wikipedia defines Affiliate Marketing as a marketing practice where a business rewards one or more affiliates for each sale made by the affiliate.

The major thing in this business is that you get rewarded by helping to promote the product or service of a business. For instance, if you sign up for the affiliate program of Tips and Ticks HQ and promote its products, you get a certain percentage which is your commission whenever you send any visitor to the site and they make purchase.

How does Affiliate Marketing work?

The first thing to do is to join an affiliate program then select the products you intend selling. The owners of the products would provide you with an affiliate code you can use for referring traffic to the main site. Also, you will be offered banners, text links and several forms of creative copies in which you just copy and paste the code on your own site so as to refer traffic. Any interested customer who clicks on the links from your website will be redirected to the main site where the product is sold and if they pay for the product or subscribe for a program/service and indicate you as the referral, you get a certain percentage as commission.

Your performance can be tracked by sellers through your affiliate ID and other affiliate soft wares used. You also possess real-time access to all commission and sales stats. Also, in making commission, you don’t always need to sell products because various affiliate programs employ different terms of payment like:

Pay Per Click (PPC) – You get paid depending on the amount of visitors redirected by you to the website of the Merchant from your own site, whether you make a sale or not.

Pay Per Sale (PPS) – The merchant pays you a certain percentage of the price of sales made after a purchase is completed.

Pay Per Lead (PPL) – Once a visitor provides their contact info on the merchant site, you get paid immediately.

Why you should consider being an Affiliate Marketer?
This business is known to be the fastest growing and best marketing techniques on the internet to earn money and these are a few reasons:
No Fees: You don’t have to pay anyone money to earn from affiliate marketing.

Cost effective: To market any product online is not expensive so you have nothing to worry about in terms of cost since it was created by someone else. Also, you don’t need to hire anyone or have an office.

No customer support: This obviously is not necessary since you aren’t the person who created the products.

No shipping or storage: You have no worries about this too because it would be handled by the seller, if needed.

Passive income: If you have a normal daytime job, you can continue earning a fixed income. On the other hand, you earn money from affiliate marketing steadily and even when you are not online at times.